Reflections (Gabriel Tan)

Skills learnt:

1) Concepts related to chemistry and physics

There are many chemical and physical concepts which I have learnt through the mini experiments which I have conducted during the two months of attachment at science centre. We got to explore surface tension, energy conversion, distribution of forces and much more. Science is all around us; there are many mystical properties that we are yet to discover and learn about.

2) Arduino hardware and programming

I have learnt many different languages for programming before. Arduino is similar to some of the programming I have used before, which is why I could adapt to it quickly. Making use of Arduino gave me a platform to expand my curiosity and develop new gadgets that could be useful for us in real life

3) Construction of gadgets for Makey Makey

Constructing gadgets for Makey Makey was rather interesting as it made the use of a computer more engaging for us. We were able to invent our own household version of a piano, a drum set and even a car simulator, which taught me about the concepts of logical thinking and the concepts of electron transfer.


Interesting aspects of learning:

1) Creativity

I feel that this attachment has taught me how to become more creative and think out of the box in order to come up with several new ideas to make learning more interesting. Whenever we want to accomplish a task, there will always be many obstacles along our way, so we will have to make use of our logical thinking and problem solving skills to overcome these obstacles. It is not easy to come up with ideas which people have not used before. We have to adopt a different approach and stretch ourselves so that we can come up with something new and original.

2) Teamwork

Development of ideas requires the process of planning, discussion, implementation and evaluation. Teamwork is absolutely essential in this aspect as it allows us to perform our tasks effectively and efficiently, while at the same time keeping in mind the ideas of others to help one another further improve on these ideas. As can be seen from the various tasks we were assigned, a lot of cooperation was required in order to work together and materialize our plans. It was not the effort of one person alone, but instead about utilizing the resources of the whole group in order to complete each task.

3) Perseverance

This attachment also taught me the value of perseverance. It is not easy to come up with an idea instantly; it requires time and patience to think through every possible alternative so that we are able to implement the idea as effectively as possible. We will meet many obstacles and failures along the way, but we must not take these to heart. Instead, we will have to move on so that we are able to bounce back stronger than before.


Take-away for life:

1) Have an open mind

After attending this 1 month attachment in science centre, I feel that it has taught me more about having an open mind, listening to other’s suggestions and evaluating them to come up with a suitable decision. In life, this is what we should do. Every stage of our lives is all about making choices. I feel that we must have an open mind so that we can reason with ourselves and make the right decisions.


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