Reflections (Xia Xiao Yi)

During the past one month internship working at the science centre, I have learnt a lot and had much fun time. It was good to go out of school and work in a different environment. The working environment at science centre was flexible and lively. We can do experiments based on our own interests rather than being told by our instructor. At science centre we need to apply our knowledge learnt from school to explain the experimental phenomenon. That reinforced my academic knowledge as well as trained my skill of appliance of knowledge, which is quite important and useful to my following studies.  Besides the extension of my science knowledge, I also become more aware of my strength and weakness as well as personal interest. Among the experiments we did, I feel I prefer doing experiments more related to chemistry, and I have less interest on making robots or manipulating computer system. Wow attachment improved my creativity. We were used to use the very common low-cost material to innovate creative and cool experiments which are related to science. Before I worked in the science centre, water bottle is no more than a bottle to me. However, now I get used to make fun of it, like using it to do a submarine magic which we use pressure to control the up and down movements of the submarine inside the bottle. It is really interesting and cool using stuffs around us to make experiments or create a new stuff. My interest in science has been enhanced largely during the internship period.

I also find that although the working people at the science centre are high-educated and knowledgeable, they are still open minded to learn new stuff. When they got confused they were humble to ask around or checked out on their own. We should learn from them, because sometimes we are very easy to get self-content and haughty after we just learnt some new things. The internship reminds me of the importance of the positive attitude and the open mind towards learning. Sometimes we may learn something new and work on stuff that we never touched before. Instead of being afraid and questioning our own abilities, it is better to think positively and try to learn it as soon as possible. When we meet problems, instead of being upset and worried, we can regard it as a challenge and enjoy the fighting process. A happier mood can help us learn faster and solve the problems more efficiently. What’s more, I also have learnt much about teamwork as well as communication skills. For example, being a patient, responsible and punctual team member is very necessary; when we have different opinions, we should learn compromise in order to make a best decision as a team, etc.

In a word, the one month wow attachment is very meaningful to me. The things I have learnt from it are not only useful to my study as well as to my daily life. I enjoyed it a lot.


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